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Please find below a number of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any other queries, please contact an academy staff member.

What is the Academy?

New Republic Academy is a training centre for all incoming recruits, cadets, and experienced player alike. All are required to take at least the General Education part of the training, and usually move onto complete the civilian and military courses required for their chosen career.

Who is in charge of the Academy?

The Academy is under the management of the Administrator of Education. At this moment, Administrator Wesley OyKi holds this position. The Minister of State holds the title of Chancellor/President of the Academy, and represents it on the Advisory Council.

Where is the Academy?

In the game, the New Republic Academy is centered around a Trading II space station which lies in orbit of Planet Rodia, Tyrius system. Practical training elements of the academy are based on the space station and small radius of systems near Tyrius.

The place you actually learn things is now located within the Academy area on the NR forums. There are further instructions within this area about actual uses of the facilities available.

How do I get to the Academy?

For military cadets, Field Training Exercises is a required course and requires you to report to the academy space station. If you are on the planet Rodia, please contact Administrator Wesley OyKi or a FTX instructor to request transport to orbit. If you are not on Rodia, please contact either FTX staff or Corellian Transport Services to arrange pick-up.

I'm new, how do I start in the Academy?

After you sign-in into NR forum, wait 2-3 days for NRI to clear your access into the academy boards. There are detailed instructions of how to register with the academy in the admission procedure thread.

I'm waiting for my courses to be graded! What do I do now?

The academy staffs do actually have a life outside as well. We can not be on 24/7 to grade things for you. Give it at least 48 hours before messaging either Administrator Wesley OyKi or the relevant instructor asking for grades. Working as Academy Staff requires a large amount of patience, and nobody does this as a full-time job. If your tests are not graded after 3-4 days of submitting, send a message to me or politely ask the instructor if he missed it.

I'm waiting to enrol in my next course! What's going on?

Same thing as the grades, you will be added to the course when a staff member get around to do it. We make every effort to give you it as soon as possible, but again, there might be a wait. Please be patient during this process.

The instructor is being non-responsive and not helpful.

If that is the case, feel free to message Administrator Wesley OyKi saying what the problem is, and he will deal with it as soon as possible. Do not be afraid to bring it up. If the problem is with the Administrator your concerns can be directed to the Minister of State, or failing that any Advisory Council member.

I have messaged days ago regarding a question, and the instructor haven't responded.

Please make sure you check the leave announcement forum as more than likely they are on a LOA. If not, politely send another message to remind them. It is possible that they might have missed it. Please note, it does not mean send a message to them every 2 hours, that won't solve the problem, but only be really annoying. Thank you for your attention. More frequent questions will be added as they come up. If anyone have anything that they think should be included, please PM Administrator Wesley OyKi with your suggestion.

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