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Academy History


Democracy cannot succeed in this galaxy unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. Therefore the real safeguard of democracy is education, and it is for this reason that the New Republic Academy is both the gateway to, and heart of, the New Republic. With the possibility to think freely and with a widened spectrum of ideas the Academy provides the means through which a sentient may expand up their creativity, motivation, dignity, and knowledge.

These principles have led the Academy along its path to our present days. The Academy has known times of war, such as when the Rebel Alliance struggled to restore the usurped rights of the free beings, blended into the industrial times of peace from the civilian SoroSuub Corporation, and now it shines for the New Republic as one of the highest-caliber learning establishment in the galaxy.

The Rebel Alliance Academy

Since the Rebel Alliance's purpose was to fight the tyranny of the Galactic Empire, the Academy objectives were to train cadets to serve in the military. Rebels were first and foremost soldiers who dealt partly with civil jobs in order to finance and back up the military activities. Its programmes therefore included mostly military courses and only two civil courses (General Education, Medical).

As it was ultimately meant to create soldiers, it was equally run in a military fashion. The Chief of Military Operations was the Superintendent, while the Dean positions were filled by the Flag Ranks of the relevant Commands. In it's short and yet crucial existence, only Thies Windu and Edyn Solers held the honor of running the Academy.

Cadets were subject to military discipline and they were grouped in batches of 15-20, and each batch was a course named with an incremental number. Courses were exclusively theoretical and no tests were required to pass them. At the end of the course, cadets were assigned to the Republica Defense Group, a unit specifically intended to give practical training and ultimately a field-test to the new officers after all the theoretical curriculum.

For some time, the Academy staff wanted to experiment another form of training for the newly graded officers, and switched from the group system to the matriculation of soldiers on an individual basis training. This new course was renamed Practical Training, though eventually a third system where each Battle Group was charged with the training of its officers, post-graduation, would become the modus operandi.

Given the very nature of rebellion, Rebels could not have a fixed base that acted as Academy. Therefore, the RA Academy was hosted in a capital ship equipped with good weapons and sensors that kept moving in space to avoid being intercepted by the Imperial forces. The Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser was named RANS Kracken, and, though in a different purpose, she still proudly serves in the New Republic fleet as a beacon of our origin.

The SoroSuub Corporation Academy

Born as a production company, their primary values being an expansive knowledge of civil matters and management, SSC expanded at an incredible rate in the galaxy as it merged with other companies and eventually became a government. Serving as the Galactic Government at one point, it was as an industrial beacon against the Galactic Empire, threatening it's tyrannical hold on our universe. In their mutual fight against GE, SoroSuub and the Rebel Alliance realized that together they could further their rejection of the Imperial rule and so they merged in order to secure freedom for all galactic sentients. Rejecting the Imperial rule, SSC and Rebel Alliance merged for the freedom of the galaxy.

Created jointly by Gavin Kaos, who would become the only serving Headmaster, Rhodan Flaka, who would serve as the sole Assistant Headmaster, and Zhadum Dharun, the SoroSuub Academy was hosted in the Bpfassh system in the Luxury Space Colony, "SoroSuub Academy" in orbit of planet Argamenien. Opened officially to the public on Y8 D28, the SSC Academy was made mostly of civilian courses and only one military course. All students who intended to join the military were to attend the same course, and the singular fleet.

The Academy staff was chosen regardless of the ranks; their dedication to the job was more important than their ranks, and the programs did not follow a planned structure. Instead instructors taught courses in a way similar to a mentor-mentee system where many mentors were faction leaders and members of the Conglomerate Leadership Team (similar to the modern Republic Leadership Council). Each student took advantage of a mentor who led the mentee through the early stages of their career.

Students were compelled to finish their course program and to be active members during their training so that all questions could be answered as rapidly as possible. Since the teaching was done through holoprojections, both mentor and mentee had to be awake in the same time, and given the subchannel limitations for inter-stellar system broadcasts, most of the time mentor and mentee were matched according to spacial proximity. As the progression of the Academy was entirely dependent upon the mentor, the inclusion of tests and essays was to the discretion of the mentor.

The New Republic Academy

With the merger of RA and SSC, Superintendent Edyn Solers and Academy Headmaster Gavin Kaos, respectively, decided to merge the two structures in order to create the New Republic Academy. Taking the teaching methods & military courses of RA and the management procedures, civilian courses, & structure of SSC, together they were merged to create a joint system for all prospects of the New Republic. The extremely honed knowledge both in the military and in the civilian sectors of the two preceding academies is now offered in an unprecedented number of high-quality courses.

Still, the Academy evolved over time into the structure that now serves all students and cadets of the New Republic. This includes the change from Practical Training military exercises, to the current Field Training Exercises under the leadership of Headmaster Nat Dues and the entire re-structuring of the Academy beneath Headmaster Angela Liu which led to the Academy we know today.

Academy Staff, Past & Present

  • Anton Zadok (?? - ??)
  • Liviana Iota (Y19 D162 - ??)
  • Gothar Elensar (Y18 D246 - Y19 D162)
  • Arco Serle (Y18 D125 - Y18 D244)
  • Yoko Arashi (Y18 D93 - Y18 D125)
  • Cordin Siprus (Y17 D286 - Y18 D93)
  • Adam Hughes (Y15 D272 - Y17 D286)
  • Matra Fepur (Y15 D272 - Y15 D319)
  • Damon Phet (Y14 D132 - Y15 D272)
  • Wedge Achilles (Y13 D309 - Y14 D132)
  • Ruben Wan (Y13 D58 - Y13 D309)
  • Wedge Achilles (Y10 D198 - Y13 D58)
  • Angela Liu (Y9 D95 - Y10 D198)
  • Kit Lorcan (Y9 D33 - Y9 D95)
  • Nat Dues (Y8 D148 - Y9 D33)
  • Gavin Kaos (Y8 D98 - Y8 D148)
  • Vacant (Present)
  • Cordin Siprus (?? - Y17 D286)
  • Edvin Simson (Y13 D58 - Y14 D246)
  • Ruben Wan (Y12 D167 - Y13 D58)
  • Cheda Quche (Y10 D201 - Y12 D167)
  • Husqr Dara (Y9 D95 - Y10 D198)
  • Angela Liu (Y9 D33 - Y9 D95)
  • Kit Lorcan (Y8 D148 - Y9 D33)
  • Nat Dues (Y8 D98 - Y8 D148)
Deans of Military Studies
  • Vacant (Present)
  • John Callaghan
  • Adam Hughes
  • Matra Fepur [SFC]
  • Phoenix Firewind [Navy]
  • Evan Cornforth [SFC]
  • Chrono van Talisman [x2]
  • Dirk Winters
  • Wedge Achilles
  • Andrew Harris [FTX]
  • Angela Liu [FTX]
  • Cheda Quche [FTX]
  • Dan Neo [FTX]
  • Jack Niels [SFC]
  • Jake Azzameen [Navy]
  • Kassandra Dasiva [FTX]
  • Kit Lorcan [SFC]
  • Lance Nightsky [FTX]
  • Wolfgang Nospe [Army]
Deans of Civilian Studies
  • Vacant (Present)
  • Loren Zolo
  • Roga McBae
  • Aeternal Conclave
  • Husqr Dara
  • Izjna Khaldho [Gen.Ed]
  • Jack Niels [SFC]
  • Jim Frost [Mining]
  • Mandor Bg [Gen.Ed]
Deans of Recruitment
  • Taina Kovani (?? - ??)
  • Ghullka Ikto (Y18 D246 - ??)
  • Gothar Elensar (Y18 D125 - Y18 D246)
  • Taka Aioko (?? - Y18 D125)
  • Mortis Eisenfaust
  • Jasper Merlyn
  • Kristina Chelski
  • Novia Lupa
  • Leebri Chelski
  • Damon Phet
  • Didlo Batri
  • Dirk Winters
All Education Department Staff
  • Ubis Vrand (Present)
  • Katie Tonks (Present)
  • Crule Otsan (Present)
  • Elias Tuszynski (Present)
  • Kaja Teno (Present)
  • Arco Serle (Present)
  • Endaro Kassan
  • Cordin Siprus
  • Oriana Vivara
  • Vlape Helprin
  • Adam Hughes
  • John Callaghan
  • Lan Artemis Morbus
  • Alexandre Daigle
  • Andrew Harris
  • Angela Liu
  • Ankha Natanaele
  • Benjamin Kellar
  • Cheda Quche
  • David Kellar
  • Dimitri Halden
  • Draven Elensar
  • Edmond Zaccone
  • Edyn Solers
  • Evan Cornforth
  • Gothar Haerdwyn
  • Gryphon Alywar
  • Hodniwa Stone
  • Husqr Dara
  • Jansen Blakenshire
  • Jerome Sweeper
  • Jim Blitz
  • Joe Falco
  • John Dian
  • Kaja Putra
  • Kam Virai
  • Kassandra Dasiva
  • Kathol Swift
  • Kodo Min`Sol
  • Lance Nightsky
  • Loren Zolo
  • Lucian Rajiion
  • Lukastar Narvaka
  • Mazzic Cron
  • Melak Korcha
  • Miles Betta
  • Nif Narf
  • Nikolo Nardini
  • Padme Traner
  • Phoenix Firewind
  • Robert Derr
  • Sanka Ceveri
  • Serli Sarn
  • Seth Nearv
  • Sketin Pileo
  • Troucei Laruse
  • Vonar Passik
  • Wedge Achilles
  • Zeff Traner
All Recruitment Department Staff
  • Huw Roon (Present)
  • Gile Landala (Present)
  • Katie Tonks (Present)
  • Ghullka Ikto (Present)
  • Soluun Afraad (Present)
  • Kyra Von Knight
  • Gothar Elensar (Present)
  • Taka Aioko
  • Mortis Eisenfaust
  • Jasper Merlyn
  • Natalis Oro
  • Navia Sciuto
  • Con Andores
  • Damon Phet
  • Dirk Winters
  • Joe Falco
  • Kored De Jou
  • Kristina Chelski
  • Leebri Chelski
  • Mortis Eisenfaust
  • Novia Lupa
  • Padme Traner
  • Qui-Gon Gwynne
  • Ro Ru Wok
  • Robert Derr
  • Starn Skyar
  • Sven Coenen
  • Tengri Lethas
  • Troucei Laruse
All Administration Department Staff
  • Yoko Arashi
  • Dimitri Halden

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