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The New Republic Academy staff operates as three departments: Education, Administration, and Recruitment. Within each department there are various divisions and branches which delineate the overall job of Academy staff members both on-the-field tasks (giving lessons, contacting people) and in regards to administrative duties.

With this in mind, it should also be noted that often the branches experience some overlap in order to ensure the best experience for all Cadets and Students. For example, a Professor should always be able to answer recruitment questions, and in some instances a Recruitment Officer may be able to help you with an exam. Whatever you may need, any Academy or Recruitment member should be able to either answer your questions or if they do not know the answer, point you in the direction of someone who can.

C-5 President of the Academy
(Minister of State)
C-2 Academy Administrator
Education Recruitment
Civilian Military
C-1 Dean of Civilian Studies Dean of Military Studies Dean of Recruitment
O-6 Chair of Civilian Studies Chair of Military Studies Recruitment Manager
O-5 Professor of Civilian Studies Professor of Military Studies Recruitment Deputy Manager
O-4 Associate Professor Recruitment Coordinator
O-3 Expert Teacher Senior Recruitment Officer
O-2 Advanced Teacher Recruitment Officer
O-1 Teacher Junior Recruitment Officer