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Civilian studies is made up of a number of advanced courses. These are primarily used by cadets moving onto civilian careers, who graduate the academy on successful completion of required courses (related to their intended occupation). Some courses are commonly entered by a wider spectrum of cadets who choose to study them but, at this time, not all Civil courses are open to all - at least until the new versions are released.

Civil Courses


The basic construction course is designed to give cadets the basic knowledge needed in order to successfully initiate construction whether this be in the military or civil branch. It includes a step-by-step guide on the best way to construct in the galaxy.

Basic Medical

This Basic Medical course is a required course for all cadets and gives information on standard first aid treatments. The course is entirely based on current game mechanics.


The mining course aims to give a cadet a basic overview of the mining procedure, as well as including information on the prospecting process. This is offered in conjunction with various NAT factions and helps a cadet acquire the knowledge to start their mining career.


The production course gives cadets the knowledge needed in order to pursue a career in production. It includes procedures to follow during production and a simple guide.


This course is offered to cadets wishing to enter recycling as a career, and gives a guide to the recycling procedure and the mechanisms involved in recycling.


Offered to cadets wishing to enter a career in logistic solutions or otherwise interested, this course gives a guide to the business of relocating various different entities and the systems used to organise them within the Republic.