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The General Education Department is usually the first stop for students at the academy. It comprises of the 4 basic courses, each of which is required before progression to more advanced studies can be achieved. The department falls under the authority of Civilian Studies, although the staff within the department work apart from the main Civil instructors to maintain all 4 of the introductory courses.

General Education

General Knowledge

This is the first course a student will attend after registering at the academy. It will give a cadet an overview of the workings of the NR, her laws and her allies.


This course aims to provide a basic understanding of the best methods of communicating with your fellow NR citizens among others, and how each of these methods works.


Another mandatory course, it will give a basic tutorial on the art of piloting a ship throughout the galaxy, a fundamental part of the experience.


The final General Education course, Safety focuses on the dangers of our galaxy and how to best combat them. Instructors of General Education