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For cadets pursuing a military career, studies are split up into 3 further parts after completion of the basic courses. Cadets move from general military to command specific courses, before finally graduating the academy after field training.

Instructors are much more specialised in the military academy. Each subject and instructor is dedicated to preparing cadets for joining the military, and make it their goal to provide them with as much knowledge and as many skills as possible before going on active duty. Please feel free to contact the relevant instructors should you need to (details below) - we're here to help!

Military Courses

General Military

The General Military Course is mandatory for all cadets wishing to enter into military service. It teaches cadets the basics of life in the military and aims to give a simple overview before they make the decision as to which military command they wish to enter, thus enabling this choice to be more-informed when made. Please note that non-military cadets may not take this course.

Army Command

The Army military course produces soldiers; the men and women that go through this course are tough, both mentally and physically. The course is required for any military cadet wishing to enter the New Republic's ground forces and will give them the knowledge and understanding required to becoming an officer of the New Republic military. This course is only available to Army cadets.

Naval Command

The Navy Military Course is required for any military cadet wishing to enter into the New Republic Naval forces. The course gives an overview of what being a Navy officer is all about and teaches the basics that are required of such an officer. Please note that only Navy Military cadets may take this course.

Starfighter Command (SFC)

The Starfighter Command Military course is mandatory for any military cadet wishing to enter into the esteemed SFC branch of the NR Military. This course will teach cadets about how to be the best fighter pilot they can be and the ins and outs of a life spent dogfighting. Please note that only SFC military cadets may take this course.

Flight Operations (Flight Ops)

Once a Military Cadet Officer has passed the Command Course for his respective branch he will undergo Flight Operations Training. This Training is the last course a Cadet Officer must undergo before he is allowed to graduate and join the military proper.

Field Training Exercises (FTX)

Field Training Exercises is the standard practical training course for all military cadets of the New Republic. This Training occurs within BattleGroups of the New Republic and as such all Training is classified.