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The New Republic Recruitment Department welcomes all new members of the NR. New recruits, cadets, or veterans who are seeking new jobs have the opportunity to talk to the Recruitment staff to clear up their minds, ask for advice, and choose their future careers.

The Recruitment Department is an integral part of the New Republic Academy and therefore falls under the authority of the Administrator of Education (Academy Headmaster) within the Ministry of State, and is represented by the Minister on the Advisory Council. Day-to-day running of the Recruitment Department is managed by the Dean of Recruitment, with departmentalised duties handled by the relevant administrative staff.

Caisava Chelski
Dean of Recruitment
Caisava Chelski

Recruitment Department Contact Details

You are encouraged to ask the Recruitment staff if you are skilled in more than one areas and are unsure of what path to choose. Please feel free to send us Darkness Messages or Private Messages on the NR forums but do, however, remember we may need some time to respond to your queries - we will get back to you as soon as possible! If you have not heard from us within 3 days, please contact another staff member as your initial contact may be on a Leave of Absence or otherwise unavailable.

Recruitment Adresses
Email address
Discord Caisava Chelski#6524