Darcks Galvan

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Darcks Galvan
Darcks Galvan
Race Human
Gender Male
Homeworld Unknown
Department New Republic Armed Forces
Rank Major General
Positions Major General Army Command
Senator (25th session)
Past positions NRI Public Agent

Senator (23rd session)

Senator (22nd session)

Career History

Military Service Record

New Republic Army Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-1 Army.png O-1 Year 15 — Year 15 Day 323 Second Lieutenant
Rank O-2 Army.png O-2 Year 15 Day 323 — Year 16 Day 37 First Lieutenant
Rank O-3 Army.png O-3 Year 16 Day 38 — Year 16 Day 158 Captain
Rank O-4 Army.png O-4 Year 16 Day 37 — Year 16 Day 158 Major
Rank O-5 Army.png O-5 Year 16 Day 346 — Year 17 Lieutenant Colonel
Rank O-6 Army.png O-6 Year 17 Colonel
Rank C-1 Army.png C-1 Y17 Brigadier General
Rank C-2 Army.png C-2 Y17 Major General

Citations and Awards




Award Name Given By Date
Spirit of the Law Award Spirit of the Law Award Orion Chran Year 18 Day 290