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The payscale is defined by the Finances Act and applies to all departments of the New Republic.


  • Advisory Council (AC) are equivalent to C-5
  • Rank Titles are explained on the individual command and department pages
  • Positions are in most cases not bound to a certain grade
  • Cadet Pay is bound to certain conditions
Grade Pay
Chief of State Grade
CoS Cr {{#number_format:11000000}}
Flag Ranks - Executive Grades
C-5 Cr {{#number_format:10500000}}
C-4 Cr {{#number_format:10000000}}
C-3 Cr {{#number_format:9500000}}
C-2 Cr {{#number_format:8750000}}
C-1 Cr {{#number_format:8000000}}
Senior Officer Ranks - Manager Grades
O-6 Cr {{#number_format:7500000}}
O-5 Cr {{#number_format:7000000}}
O-4 Cr {{#number_format:6500000}}
Junior Officer Ranks - Employee Grades
O-3 Cr {{#number_format:6000000}}
O-2 Cr {{#number_format:5500000}}
O-1 Cr {{#number_format:5000000}}
Cadet Rank
Cadet None