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Merr-Sonn Technologies


Weaponry is serious business.

It gets so serious that in order to produce cutting-edge armaments, it sometimes takes the joint knowledge of four specialists to deliver the outstanding quality that their customers demand. That is exactly what Merr-Sonn, NeuroSaav Technologies, SoroSuub Munitions and TransGalMeg Industries did. These three companies, who have been building up a solid reputation since the early years of the Galactic Civil War, bundled their forces into the Merr-Sonn Technologies Armaments Conglomerate.

Merr-Sonn Technologies offers the widest range of weaponry and equipment in the galaxy and all of our products match the high standards of the Galaxies consumers. It speaks for itself that MST continues to use the appraised "Kill-As-You-Grow" (TM) program, which offers weapons and tools for anyone: from survivalist, via sports hunters through to hard-core mercenaries and professional soldiers.

To ensure our outstanding quality every weapon as well as every other product is tested manually.

Sales and Services

At Merr-Son Technologies, we are responsible for the public sales of:

Camouflage Scout Armour
Camouflage Scout Helmet

Sub-Space Radio

Survival Gear
Amphibian Survival Backpack, Masks and Suits
Arctic Survival Helmets and Suits
Thermal Survival Helmets and Suits
Vacuum Survival Backpack, Masks and Suits

Storage Items
Heavy Belt
Large Backpack

Electronic Lock Breaker
Multiple Sensor Pack
Portable Power Fusion Generator

Projectile Weapons
Bryar Pistol
Bryar Rifle
DDC Defender
Jawa Ionisation Blaster
MG-15 Carbine
W-2X Wrist Caster
Zenji Needles

Non-Projectile Weapons
Battle Axe
BD-1 Cutter
Combat Knife
CS-12 Stun Master
Force Pike

EMP Grenade
Frame Charge


Merr-Sonn Technologies
Chief Executive Officer
Adel Usion
Chief Operating Officer
Adel Usion
Directors (C-1)
Galen Pheras
Director of Logistics
Galen Pheras
Director of Operations

Ranks and Organization

Executive Staff
Paygrade Insignia Title
Rank C-3 MoTI.png
Chief Executive Officer
Rank C-2 MoTI.png
Chief Operating Officer
Rank C-1 MoTI.png
O-6 Assistant Director
O-5 Manager
O-4 Junior Manager
O-3 Senior Engineer
O-2 Engineer
O-1 Junior Engineer

Salaries are defined by the unified payscale of the New Republic.


  • Vonar Passik Y19 D171 - Present
  • Coren Rinou Y19 D164 - Y19 D171 (interim)
  • Bobby Boudreaux ??? - Y19 D164
  • Tengri Lethas Y13 D148 - ???


  • Founded Year 6 Day 30

The history of Merr-Sonn Technologies is the composition of the rich histories of the three groups the conglomerate is made up from.

Merr-Sonn started out as an independent faction, before it became a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was soon sold off to SoroSuub Corporation, at that point the largest business organization in the Galaxy. There, it thrived under the leadership of Alec Trevelyan. When SoroSuub and the Rebel Alliance joined forces and founded the democratic New Republic, Merr-Sonn came under the ownership of the Republic. During that time, it was most notably led by the Wookiee weapons veteran Zeth Quo and the Hapan Amara Myzair.

SoroSuub Munitions evolved from Riviera Trident and operated as the main armaments supplier for the SoroSuub conglomerate. Its first leader was Van Harrad, who shaped the faction into its final form. After the foundation of the New Republic, Van Harrad's skills were needed elsewhere in the government and Jim Blitz took over. He was replaced by Rilarr Denaiss when the rowdy Corellian decided to travel the depths of the Galaxy. The last leader of SoroSuub Munitions was the Kaminoan Izjna Khaldho.

NeuroSaav Technology was founded as the supplier of the Rebel Alliance weaponry at the start of the Civil War. The group was led by many strong leaders who were also notable members of the Alliance. The production company was well-known for its top-notch weaponry, which often proved to be a valuable asset on battlegrounds across the Galaxy. The DH-17 rifle proved to be the ideal sidearm for firefights in enclosed space such as ships, whereas the DL-44 was a much desired weapon for smugglers and mercenaries. When the Rebel Alliance evolved into the New Republic, NeuroSaav continued to supply the Republic with its high-quality products. The groups last leader was Aeternal Conclave.

On Year 10, these three groups merged into the largest armaments conglomerate in the known Galaxy. Later on, at Day 110 of Year 13, TransGalMeg Industries also merged into Merr-Sonn Technologies.