New Republic Academy Space Station

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Academy Space Station


A Trading 2-class Space Station, the "New Republic Academy" is home to the offices of the academy staff and the main training centre for the recruits of the New Republic and its nationalised factions. Located in the orbit of the planet Rodia in the Tyrius system, the station is the main gathering point for new members of the Republic and is home to various cadet development facilities, most notably those for flight training.

Station Map

Regardless of how experienced you are, the Academy SS is a large place to get lost in. In the Map Library you can find the map of the 3 tiers of the station. Should you have any difficulties aboard the station, please inform one of the academy staff.

Boarding from a ship in orbit will bring you to the Entrance room, the centre-most room at the top of Level 1. Equally, to board a ship in orbit from the station you will need to be in this room. The docking bay is in the centre of the second floor. Here you will disembark from or board vessels docked in the station.

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