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Current Positions

This pages contains positions in the New Republic meaning to be transcluded in other pages.

If a position is not filled the proper value to enter is Vacant.

CoS & AC

Chief of State: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|CoS}}

Minister of State: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|MoS}}

Minister of Civil Engineering: Coren Rinou

{{:New Republic Positions|MoCE}}

Minister of Natural Resources: Owyn Darklighter

{{:New Republic Positions|MoNR}}

Minister of Trade & Industry: Tengri Lethas

{{:New Republic Positions|MoTI}}

Chief of Military Operations: Josh Jericho

{{:New Republic Positions|CMO}}

Chief of Army Command: Ily Zacri

{{:New Republic Positions|CAC}}

Chief of Naval Command: Ubis Vrand

{{:New Republic Positions|CNC}}

Chief of Starfighter Command: Mami Ogawa

{{:New Republic Positions|CSC}}

Director of the New Republic Intelligence Services: Orion Chran

{{:New Republic Positions|DNRI}}

High Ambassador: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|HAmb}}

Deputies & Associate Ministers

Deputy Chief of Army Command: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|DCAC}}

Deputy Chief of Naval Command: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|DCNC}}

Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|DCSC}}

Associate Minister of State: Wesley Oyki

{{:New Republic Positions|AMoS}}

Associate Minister of Civil Engineering: Grath Gelenek

{{:New Republic Positions|AMoCE}}

Associate Minister of Natural Resources: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|AMoNR}}

Associate Minister of Trade & Industry: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|AMoTI}}

Associate Minister of Justice: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|AMoJ}}

Deputy Director of the New Republic Intelligence Services: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|DDNRI}}

Department Leaders

Academy Administrator: Wesley OyKi

{{:New Republic Positions|Academy Administrator}}

Art Team Leader: Mira Burnier

{{:New Republic Positions|Art Team Leader}}

Bursar: Coren Rinou

{{:New Republic Positions|Bursar}}

Chief of the Military Liaison Office: Ubis Vrand

{{:New Republic Positions|CMLO}}

Chief of Military Intelligence: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|CNRMI}}

Culture Office Leader: Bram Dupol

{{:New Republic Positions|Culture Office Leader}}

Dean of Recruitment: Caisava Chelski

{{:New Republic Positions|Dean of Recruitment}}

Reserve Leader: Owyn Darklighter

{{:New Republic Positions|Reserve Leader}}

Uberjester: Caisava Chelski

{{:New Republic Positions|Uberjester}}

Web Team Leader: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|Web Team Leader}}

NAT Leaders

Leader of Corellian Transport Services: Han Cold

{{:New Republic Positions|CTS Leader}}

Leader of Incom Corporation: Caisava Chelski

{{:New Republic Positions|IC Leader}}

Leader of Industrial Automaton: Wesley OyKi

{{:New Republic Positions|IA Leader}}

Leader of JUGANOTH Mining Corporation: Owyn Darklighter

{{:New Republic Positions|JMC Leader}}

Leader of Merr-Sonn Technologies: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|MST Leader}}

Leader of Phoenix Salvage: Luuda Kusaak

{{:New Republic Positions|PS Leader}}

Leader of Republic Medical: Gile Landala

{{:New Republic Positions|RM Leader}}

Leader of Ubrikkian Industries: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|UI Leader}}

Misc positions

Grand Historian: Ubis Vrand

{{:New Republic Positions|Grand Historian}}

Editor-in-Chief: Gile Landala

{{:New Republic Positions|Editor-in-Chief}}

Cultural Event Planning: Vacant

{{:New Republic Positions|CEP Leader}}