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Ministry of State

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Ministry of State

The Minister of State is responsible for overseeing the civilian portion of the New Republic Government, including the Ministries of Natural Resources, Civil Engineering and Trade and Industry. There are a number of departments that are not represented on the Advisory Council and the Chiefs of these departments report directly to the Minister of State. A more detailed view of the Ministry of State is reported in this organizational chart.

Minister of State

Knights of the Republic

The Knights of the Republic are a group of force sensitive sentients in the Republic who develop and promote the Light Side but are also open to those that practice the Neutral Side.
A three person council at the rank of Knight Councillors appointed by the Advisory Council heads this group, to provide direction and guidance with the New Republic's best interests as priority.

Nationalized Corporations

The Rebel Alliance Nationalised Corporations are highly specialized enterprises affiliated to the government of the Rebel Alliance. Each of them is one of the leading corporations in their sector and all can look back on a long and rich history. While operating as independent corporations they are under full control of the Rebel Alliance and support the government in all of its needs.

Private Sector Affiliates

The New Republic Private Sector Affiliates are highly specialized enterprises affiliated to but not owned by the government of the New Republic. Each of them is one of the leading corporations in their sector and all can look back on a long and rich history. While operating as independent corporations, they enjoy assistance from the New Republic and support the government in times of need.


The New Republic civilian sector is responsible for fostering prosperity in the New Republic territories, supplying the New Republic Military and New Republic citizens with goods, as well as general logistics within and without the Republic. Whether you are an aspiring architect who dreams of designing and constructing new cities, a formidable pilot, a future director of productions, an accomplished medic, or a passionate wrecker, you will be welcome to find your place within one of our Nationalised Corporations or the Ministries of Civil Engineering, Trade and Industry, or Natural Resources.

Additionally you will have the opportunity to take up various side jobs within the institutions of the New Republic like joining the Republic Diplomacy Command, the Morale Department (known as ARGH!!!), or the New Republic Academy. These are considered side jobs and are available to military personnel as well.

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