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published on Year 19 Day 37

OJ Interview.png

"Good Morning Mister Jenru."

"Morning Panzer. What’s shakin?"

Panzer points out a chair for his guest and takes place in the opposing seat.

"Staying busy and living the good life. How are you?"
"Just happy to be here."

"Well thank you so much for joining us today. It truly is a pleasure to get to meet you and get to know you first hand" "Anytime, anytime. What do you want to know? I'm an open book."

"Well then I hope your ready cause i ask a lot of questions. So tell me how Orion Jenru started out in this great universe of ours. Where did you first find yourself?"

"Where was home for Orion Jenru in the beginning?"

"Cornet city, Corellia. My family held a home there for as long as I can remember. 'Great place to grow up, fast paced for sure."

"Now if I am not mistaken that’s an imperial world correct?"

"That would be correct. But during my fathers time it was a Republic world." "Really?"

"Yes, the Empire took over after the Republic."

"So what was it like growing up in imperial territory? Was it hard on your family?"

"My father served the Republic military and then the Empire. And no, not for us. Life was good. My father being a career naval officer was always on duty."

"And when you got older you entered the Imperial military as well?"

"Yes indeed. Assigned to the 3rd recon fleet."

"What made you decide to join the Imperial Navy?"

"For me it was the logical step. I had done street racing on Corellia for years, got caught a few times. To help smooth things over with my father I joined for the cause, so to speak."

"So tell me more about the 3rd Recon. What position did you start in? Was there an actual Academy you had to go through?"

"There was no academy in those days. It was more of tests. After you competed a handful of tests you got placed. Now the positions I held to begin with was just a pilot. But soon was transferred to the ICF or Imperial command fleet."

"Ok so you didn't get to pick your position."

"No not at all."

"Did you even have a choice of whether or not to join the military?"

"Um you know I don't recall. That’s what I wanted to do. But back then, everyone started military and got into government as they progressed if they wanted to, and when I say wanted to I mean someone favored them."

"So how long did it take you to get promotions? Were your superiors appreciative of your efforts?"

"It took awhile. It wasn't until Emperor Charon was on the throne that I was made advisor and ISB/II director."

"Was it a friendly environment? Did imperial citizens get along?"

"It wasn't bad back then nice people but a rigid community too. No public disagreements with anyone higher in position."

"What was it like being an imperial soldier? To be honest it sounds like thing went smoothly for you. What happened if you disagreed with people of authority?"

"Well they went smoothly to a degree. After Charon was ousted I was capped to an O6, which is Captain or Colonel. The CORE who led high command were not my biggest fans. I was demoted and kept low until really the end of my run in the empire. If you disagreed? Well like me you were busted down in rank or position. Or in some cases killed or made to disappear."

"So you lost position because they didn't like you? And they would kill people for questioning them at all? Was it a legal matter or did they handle it an illegitimate ways? Like were you charged for treason or did they just have someone quietly remove you from existence?"

"Yes I lost position, rank, ect. Due to folks changing in High command. Certainly folks were killed frequently for voicing their opinions. In the Empire, that is the legal way to deal with someone. I don't recall one charge ever being filed, ever."

"So you have been around since year 3!!"

"Nope. Year one day 110, I believe."

"Holy cow! So when had you had enough of the Empire?"

"After 14ish years, give or take."

"Woah. What caused that? And how would you rebel?"

"I spoke my mind and kept my individuality. A lot of folks kept their heads down, made their few thousand credits a month and had a position in mind they wanted. I didn't care, wrong is wrong."

"Now how would one get promotions? I have heard it was very cutthroat."

"Yeah I guess it was. A lot of favoritism and what not. And once someone got where they wanted to be it was almost impossible to get them to move from that. Aside from dying or leaving, appointments were for life time."

"Okay, so long story short you just got tired of all the Imperial garbage and you decided to leave?"

"After years and years, I tried to take long LOAs to helpor but it never got better. Jist progressively worse. So I dipped."

"What led you to the NR? Were you considering other factions?" "Oh yea, this was like 4 years ago. I went to the Veritas conglomerate. Run by two former imperials and friends Kiie and Lord. And that’s were I was for a few years."

"What caused you to leave them?"

"I left for about two years to take of some personal matters. So I passed the Chairmanship to someone else."

"Okay so what led you to the new Republic?"

"Well when I returned Veritas it was all inactive, so I left and went to where I knew I'd be useful and fight the enemy."

"So after your time with Veritas what led you to the NR specifically?"

"You know honestly it wasn't anything specific but more of an idea that I could make a difference this time around. That I could help destroy what, at one time, I helped. The Empire."

"So you started with a goal from the beginning?"

"Of Course, to help facilitate change and make a difference."

"Were you open about your history when you first came to the NR?"

"Oh of course. I actually posted on the forums for a discussion on my past."

"So how did people react to you when you joined the NR?"

"Well I'm sure some people were hesitant as they should have been but folks like Taka, Nat and Jin, just to mention a few. Were awesome and really helped me out in the transition."

"Sweet. They do seem to be awesome folks. So where did you start out in the NR?"

"I actually couldn't serve in the military initially so I worked with Taka in Tythe. Taka was former CoS and minister of trade and commerce when I came on. 'I helped develop his system when I first joined. Civilian work."

"Nice you really were trying to reform the Republic right away. How long did you stay with them?"

"All three months I could, then I went military. I wouldn't say reform. But help where ever I could."

"Which branch did you join?"


"And is that where you've been ever since?"

"One of my spots. Also formed the NMI Also in RDC which I also joined when I first got here."

"You've been a bit of everywhere haven't you? Have you been in all these positions at the same time, or have you hopped around a bit?" "Aside the beginning, I've stayed in about the same spots."

"From my understanding you have been a huge help to the republic but I must ask you. What achievement or achievements have you been most proud of?"

"Well I appreciate that. As far as my biggest accomplishment, that I can speak of, is the New Member Initiative. I started it shortly after I joined and made it to help new members of the republic. To date I've given out nearly 200 million worth of ships and gear. I've also received a ton of donations. I love helping where I can."

"I was about to ask you about that. So tell me about what gave you that idea."

"The initial Idea was something I formed years and years ago. But when i got here I noticed in some cases, new recruits, were stuck. Although not often, but the main aim was to give new folks something they could call their own. I was lucky enough to have folks give me a ship when i first started, and now that I was able to help provide I wanted to do so on a large scale." "So your goal was to give back to the community and give people the same opportunities you were given?"

"Of course. And not to mention, our community is so giving. I believe that before I could even give away the first ship I had donations."

"That's awesome! Well Mr. Jenru, that's about all the time we have today. Thank you again for time and being so open with us. Before we go is there any thing you would like to say to our viewers?"

"I say this, the good fight is one worth standing up for. We all are not going to agree, that much is known, but to acknowledge those differences and come to common ground is key. Our enemy wants us to rip us apart so they can come in and destroy what’s left. Our community is strong and we are making great progress. Together we can make a difference, that’s not an opinion but a fact. If anyone ever needs anything at all, I'm always here and will do what I can."

Panzer reaches out to shake Orion's hand, then guides his guest off stage.

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