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published on Year 19 Day 77

As the local news ends the RNN logo flashes over the screen.

Huw Roon and Gile Landala greet you.

GILE: “Hello beautiful people of the New Republic. I’m Gile Landala.”
HUW: “And I’m Huw Roon. We are coming to you live from the RNN studio here on Republica, and do we have some catching up to do.”
GILE: “I know all of you missed our, I mean my, beautiful face, but wait no more! We are back on the air.”

Huw lets out an abrupt laugh mixed with cough when the work “my” comes out of Gile’s mouth.

HUW: “Gile I think your face is rather underwhelming for the wait we’ve given them.”

Gile lifts a finger in protest and moves to say something before being cut off by Huw.

HUW: “We’ll pick up where we left off last, a brutal cliff hanger with the future of the Republic in hand!”
GILE: “As some of you may have noticed the election for this year’s Chief of State have concluded with Orion Chran being reelected for his second term.”


HUW: “We would personally like to wish you good luck with your second term.”
GILE: “It takes quite a figure to lead this collection of great sentients, so I’m sure you’ll need all the luck you can get.”
HUW: “With the conclusion of this year’s election the-“

Gile cuts Huw off to finish his sentence.

GILE: “- Inaugural Ball has been announced! This year’s ball will be held on the day 89.”
HUW: “Rodia has been selected as the location; featuring a winter palace upon a glacier untouched by civilization. Attendees can join in with their own vessels or choose to be whisked away on board a luxury hover train where they will relax until arrival at the glacier.”
GILE: “Make sure you wear your finest, and warmest, garb boys and girls, this is one for the books.”


After a short pause the current logos on screen fade and a credit symbol floats between the two.

HUW: “Gile, remind me how you’re going to afford the clothes you’ll buy in preparation for this ball?”
GILE: “Oh Huw I am glad you ask. This is an excellent segue to our next piece of news. Wow it’s like this is scripted.”
HUW: “It would seem like that, Gile, it would. But, I digress. Sentients, do we have good news for you.
GILE: “Not just good news Huw, great news. The senate has just passed a bill that will make your smile, and wallets, grow quite a bit larger.”
HUW: “If you follow the senate, or your paycheck, you may already have a clue what we are talking about.”
GILE: “Hoho Huw, follow the senate, what am I? A Jedi.”

Huw rolls his eyes and continues on.

HUW: “In session 25 the senate voted to pass the NR Unified Pay Scale Increase.”
GILE: “If the title doesn’t make it obvious this bill raised wages for all NR workers across the board.”
HUW: “Starting last month you will see a two million credit raise to your wage.”
GILE: “Two million!? Huw are you sure that isn’t a typo.”
HUW: “Oh I’m sure Gile, I am sure.”
GILE: “Man was I right to say our smiles would get a lot bigger.”
HUW: “I think that may be a first for you Gile-“

Gile’s eyes dart toward Huw.


GILE: “I’ve been right before!”
HUW: “Sure you have, buddy…”

Huw reaches to pat Gile’s back. The moment Huw’s hand meets Gile, it’s bucked off by an annoyed wiggle.

HUW: “Sadly, That will wrap up tonight’s special RNN broadcast. From all of us here at RNN, and the New Republic as a whole”
GILE: “Goodnight, and may the force be with you.”

Credits run over a muted Gile and Huw. Gile looks more flustered then he normally does. You watch as Gile raises his finger in protest to Huw's comments. The Kel Dor seems amused by Gile's agitation. The credits end and the RNN logo reclaims the screen.

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