Roga McBea

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Roga McBea
Roga McBea
Height 180 cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Race Hapan
Gender Male
Born Year -11 Day 96
Homeworld Crollia
Family Joyce Hayes (mother), Zoga McBea (father)
Department Ubrikkian Industries, ARGH!!!
Rank Senior Manager
Past affiliations CTS, MoTI, NRJD, NRA, NRDC, NR Senate, GE
Academic Excellency AwardProduction Supplier AwardProduction Supplier AwardSelfless Service and Sacrifice Award


Roga McBea is a professional logistics pilot formerly of Corellian Transport Services and former Navy pilot of the Galactic Empire. He enjoys long hours of flying across the galaxy and drinking Twin Black. Roga is also the founder and chairman of the Republican Boloball Association.


Parents' Background

Zoga McBea was born in to a working, miner's family. He joined the Empire after being rescued by an Imperial patrol looking for pirates. While working in a Hapan mine Zoga had been taken hostage by pirates. The Imperial patrol killed the pirates and brought Zoga onto a Star Destroyer. Zoga decided to join and was exiled by the Hapan Queen for doing so at that time. Only after the Hapes Consortium became members of the Imperial Union was Zoga allowed back to Hapes. After he retired from Imperial service he went back to Hapes with Joyce. Joyce Hayes was from a middle class working family who ran a small grocery store on Corellia. After meeting Zoga several times when he was on leave, she decided that she would like to see the galaxy and married Zoga.


Roga was born on the planet Crollia, one of the coldest planets in the known areas of the galaxy. Zoga McBea was a navy pilot in the Galactic Empire, which required the family to move quite often. One of the negative consequences to the many moves is that Roga never made any long-lasting friendships. Roga did most things (such as school work, or playing) by himself or with his mother.

Galactic Empire

Imperial Youth

Once Roga graduated from an Imperial high school for dependents, he enlisted into the Imperial Navy to follow in his father's footsteps. He had known no other way to live other than one attached to the Empire, so the transition made perfect sense to young Roga. His parents were, of course, proud that he would continue what his father had started.

Junior Enlisted

Roga was assigned to the Third Imperial Fleet as a Cadet and quickly went through the lower enlisted ranks. Roga reached Flight Sergeant (E-4) after the Empire cut the enlisted ranks from nine to six. Most of his duties included scanning assigned systems for enemy targets, delivering new recruits and participating in war games. This was an unpredictable time for the fleet as commanders seemed to come and go faster than new recruits went AWOL.

Senior Enlisted

By this time Roga was making a name for himself with the speed and quality of his scans and unit moral activities. The Third Fleet was now the 3rd Recon Group, which fell under the 4th Fleet. The Group was stable now with a commander that Roga had known since he had enlisted. Roga reached the top enlisted rank of Command Flight Sergeant (CFSGT) after about 8 months of service.

Roga Empire.jpg

3rd Recon Group, Fourth Fleet, Official Portrait. Roga was a CFSGT at the time. (Farthest to the left)

Officer Ranks and Escape

After about 1 year, Roga reached the officer ranks as an Ensign. At this point Roga was learning more and more about how the Empire ran and how the Navy officers interacted with each other. With all decisions made by the Emperor and High Command, Roga grew tired of the one-way direction in which the Empire ran. Using his father's illness as an excuse, he dropped all of his Imperial-owned gear, left his post as commander of a Victory-class Star Destroyer and sped on Stargasior One to Hapes. The only notification he left was a letter of resignation as manager for his two sporting teams, Dorin Sultans (Imperial Boloball League) and Dorin Smugglers (Imperial Football League).

New Republic and Corellian Transport Services

For Love of Flying

Roga thought for several weeks on what step he should take next. He knew for sure that he did not want the political problems and boring work of the military or be part of a large organization. He wanted to work in a small, friendly group of people who did their job well and had fun doing it. Roga decided to join Corellian Transport Services, a small group, but was attached to the large New Republic. He would now have "jobs" and "customers" rather than "orders" and "commanders".

Roga CTS.jpg

Roga on board his assigned CTS ship as a Junior Pilot (O-1)

A Perfect Fit

Leaving the Empire and joining CTS was a perfect fit. Within less than one year, Roga proved his skill with getting jobs done on a timely, consistent and efficient manner that saw him earn steady promotions from Cadet, Junior Pilot and finally to Pilot. His superiors went even further by picking him as Vessel Executive Officer out of other pilots who had more time in service and higher rank. Roga will continue his hard work ethic when doing jobs, but now has the responsibility to improve the speed of job completion in all quadrants and make CTS a more enjoyable place to work for all pilots and cadets alike.

Career History

Civilian Service Record

Ubrikkian Industries
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-3 MoTI.png C-3 Year 19 Day 192 - Present Chief Executive Officer
- O-5 ??? - Year 19 Day 192 Senior Manager
Rank C-3 MoTI.png C-3 - Chief Executive Officer

Corellian Transport Services
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-6 Vessel high-res.png O-6 - Vessel XO
Rank O-6 Personnel high-res.png O-6 - Personnel XO
Rank O-5 Personnel high-res.png O-5 - Personnel Supervisor
Rank O-6 Vessel high-res.png O-6 Year 14 Day 12 - ?? Vessel XO
Rank O-2 Vessel high-res.png O-2 Year 13 Day 282 - Year 14 Day 12 Pilot
Rank O-1 Vessel high-res.png O-1 Year 13 Day 138 - Year 13 Day 282 Junior Pilot
Rank E-1 CTS Cadet high-res.png E-1 Year 13 Day 68 - Year 13 Day 138 Cadet

Ministry of Trade and Industry
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank C-5 MoTI.png C-5 Year 15 Day 261 - Year 16 Day 114 Minister of Trade and Industry

New Republic Justice Department
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
- O-5 - Magistrate

New Republic Academy
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
- - - Civilian Teacher

New Republic Diplomacy Command
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
Rank O-4 RDC.png O-4 - Vice Pro Consul
Rank O-2 RDC.png O-2 - Attaché
Rank O-1 RDC.png O-1 - Assistant Attaché

New Republic Senate
Insignia Paygrade Duration Rank/Position
- - Year 17 Day 96 - Year 17 Day 270 Senator
- - Year 15 Day 95 - Year 15 Day 270 Senator
- - Year 14 Day 277 - Year 15 Day 88 Senator
- - Year 14 Day 98 - Year 14 Day 270 Senator

Citations and Awards


Award Name Given By Date
Selfless Service and Sacrifice Award Selfless Service and Sacrifice Award Jin Solas Year 20 Day 97
Production Supplier Award Production Supplier Award Tengri Lethas Year 20 Day 97
Production Supplier Award Production Supplier Award - Year 18 Day 200
Academic Excellency Award Academic Excellency Award - Year 14 Day 18