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Galactic Alliance Logo

On Year 7 Day 332 the Rebel Alliance, Falleen Federation and SoroSuub Corporation issued a joint press release. The subject was a treaty signed by the three leaders. The treaty joining the three governments together stems from the mutual trust and respect as well as the shared values. The treaty, which ultimate goal is a restoration of the Republic, specified close cooperation between the three governments.

Going beyond mere military cooperation, the treaty involved close cooperation in all spheres of mutual interest from diplomacy to production. One of the pillars of the document was economic development, offering prosperity to the less fortunate and bringing much needed aid to sectors of the galaxy long ignored by the Empire.

On Year 19 Day 350 the New Republic announced it would be leaving the Galactic Alliance in 90 days. In the time that passed the Senate together with the Advisory Council worked to make sure laws and acts were up to date to reflect this change. After several months of preparing for the departure for the Alliance they started the officially withdrew on Year 20 Day 74, leaving behind Triumvirate Coalition, Rogue Squadron, the Jedi Order, Bothan Media Services, The Arkanian Brotherhood, The eXiles, The Resistance and The Invid Order in the Alliance that had no founding members left.