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This is a chronological list of noteworthy events that occurred in Year 10. For an overview of all such events, see Timeline.

  • Day 012: Zeff Traner takes his Oath of Office, two days after being elected the Republic's fourth Chief of State
  • Day 012: RDC successfully negotiates a Non Aggression Pact with The Syndicate
  • Day 015: Wolfgang Nospe is appointed High General
  • Day 018: Dan Neo is appointed Director of CRI
  • Day 018: Owen von Ismay is appointed High Ambassador
  • Day 023: Orian Chran is promoted to General and appointed Deputy Chief of Army Command
  • Day 026: Almar Zamasee is appointed to the New Republic Senate in a tie-breaker
  • Day 034: Van Harrad is appointed Chief Logistics Administrator
  • Day 050: An Imperial newscast reports Emperor Vodo Bonias is gravely ill and has Arturus Goth has been appointed Regent
  • Day 055: Husqr Dara is appointed Deputy Director of CRI
  • Day 071: Izjna Khaldho is appointed Chief Employment Administrator
  • Day 073: Imperial Moff Orphea Imperium infiltrates the Corporate Sector Authority
  • Day 077: Adam A Flynn is arrested by a Black Sun traitor, Jett Blackheart
  • Day 079: The Falleen Federation reports a record population of 1 trillion sentients
  • Day 092: CRI reveals evidence accusing several sentients of being Black Sun agents in the New Republic
  • Day 094: RDC successfully negotiates a Non Aggression Pact with Malakia Incorporated
  • Day 099: Shaun Lightforce replaces Zack Arsono as President of Toskan Industries
  • Day 099: Serli Sarn replaces Caitiri Ja`Brai as President of Triton Dynamics
  • Day 099: Josh Jericho is promoted to Admiral and appointed Deputy Chief of Naval Command
  • Day 099: Gryffyn Grayurra is appointed as the Republic's first Associate Minister of Justice
  • Day 100: Gojin Zen is appointed Minister of Culture
  • Day 104: Regent Arturus Goth is expelled from the Galactic Empire
  • Day 106: Darth Malius reveals that the TF's Viceroy, Jacob Jansen has been training in secrecy for months and is now a Sith Lord
  • Day 108: ((Ownership of Kicalaphin is transferred to the Triumvirate Coalition temporarily due to the SWC faction rules changes))
  • Day 109: The New Republic begins to trade several planets in the Rachuk sector to the Chalcedon Dominion for planets in Outer Rim F-4
  • Day 111: Hodniwa Stone replaces Azriel Pitot as leader of Sorosuub Corporation
  • Day 114: Arkanian Enterprises is dissolved
  • Day 120: Azzi Blackgate is appointed High Ambassador, Gavin Kaos replaces him as Minister of Trade and Industry
  • Day 125: Case #1001, New Republic v. Tomra Kotar, is reopened
  • Day 130: The Antarian Rangers, Krath Dynasty and Chalcedon Dominion enter the Galactic Alliance.
  • Day 131: Director of CRI Dan Neo is replaced by Husqr Dara.
  • Day 139: Verion Lexus is appointed Editor in Chief of Republic Media Service.
  • Day 146: Chrono van Talisman is re-elected Senator. Nat Dues, Faldang Lukas and Azriel Pitot are elected Senators.
  • Day 157: Aves Sunfell is appointed SFC Executive Officer.
  • Day 170: Azarin Izard resignated from the senate and is replaced by Elubei Mont`arne.
  • Day 170: Director of Recruitment Department Gothar Haerdwyn is replaced by Didlo Batri.
  • Day 175: Astralwerks Engineering and Toskan Industries merged under the name of Astralwerks Engineering.
  • Day 176: Kaitlyn Elensar, the leader of Astralwerks Engineering, was today replaced by President Shaun Lightforce.
  • Day 178: Incom Corporation, Soro-Suub Corporation, and the Rebel Alliance merged under the name of Incom Corporation.
  • Day 178: Soro-Suub Munitions, Merr-Sonn, and Neurosaav Technologies merged under the name of Merr-Sonn Technologies.
  • Day 178: Triton Dynamics and Industrial Automation merged under the name of Industrial Automaton.
  • Day 179: Republic Media Service has been renamed to Rebel Alliance.
  • Day 181: New Republic nationalised companies that sell similar products complete their merger processes.
  • Day 183: Chief of Military Operations Dan Russ is replaced by Kapryn LaSalle.
  • Day 188: Gojin Zen is appointed Minister of State.
  • Day 190: Nat Dues is appointed Minister of Culture.
  • Day 193: The New Republic Complaints Department (NRCD) is founded.
  • Day 197: Didlo Batri appoints Fias Morehead as Recruitment Manager, the Recruitment Department's 2IC position.
  • Day 200: Wedge Achilles is appointed New Republic Academy Headmaster.
  • Day 252: (circa) A fifth Battle Group is created.
  • Day 255: Kaitlyn Elensar becomes new Senator replacing Azriel Pitot.
  • Day 256: Azzi Blackgate replaces Husq Dara as Director of CRI.
  • Day 266: Shaun Lightforce, the leader of Astralwerks Engineering, was today replaced by Chief Administrative Officer Serli Sarn.
  • Day 272: After regular elections, three new Senators are elected: Hodniwa Stone, Franco Nejo, and Jace Tracken.
  • Day 276: Vol Kamo is appointed new High Ambassador.
  • Day 278: Vol Kamo appoints Gryffyn Grayurra as Executive Ambassador.
  • Day 287: The Senate approves a raise in the wages for all ranks.
  • Day 309: The NR Map Library opens to the public.
  • Day 311: Andre Gualdieri takes over the AC position of Minister of Economic Development, replacing Owyn Darklighter.
  • Day 313: Legacy BG is awarded the Meritorius Unit Medal.
  • Day 319: Wedge Achilles reopens the Trade Bursary Project.
  • Day 320: Hodniwa Stone resigns from the position of DDCRI and CEO of Incom Corporation.
  • Day 325: Taka Aioko is appointed as new leader of Incom Corporation.
  • Day 325: Atron Shen, the leader of SarShen SpaceWorks, is replaced by Hodniwa Stone.
  • Day 328: DDCRI Hodniwa Stone is replaced by Evan Traner.
  • Day 328: As part of a major overhaul, CRI closes all applications and starts recruiting directly.
  • Day 329: Due to medical reasons Gavin Kaos steps down from his position as Minister of Trade and Industry.
  • Day 329: Jim Blitz, the leader of Merr-Sonn Technologies, is replaced by Aeternal Conclave.
  • Day 333: Taka Aioko is appointed as new Minister of Trade and Industry, replacing Gavin Kaos.
  • Day 335: Ezekial Nien is appointed Associate Minister of Technology.
  • Day 336: Izjna Khaldho is appointed Associate Minister of ShipBuilding.
  • Day 338: Evan Traner is appointed Associate Minister of Armaments.
  • Day 338: High Admiral Josh Jericho takes over the AC position of Navy Command, replacing Frollo the White.
  • Day 338: Evan Traner, the leader of Republic Medical, was today replaced by Angela LaSalle.
  • Day 339: Senator Josh Jericho resign from the Senate. Drael Rak Sha will serve in his place until the next Senate elections in December.
  • Day 347: Izjna Khaldho has been appointed as new leader of Incom.
  • Day 356: Angela LaSalle is appointed as Employment Chief Administrator. In addition, a new position is created, the Executive Employment Administrator: the first EEA is Hanz Lightbringer who will serve as the ECA's 2IC and assist in the ECA's day-to-day activities.

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